Industrial Automation Systems: Overcoming Human Limitations

Mass production is the fail-safe method of ensuring that supply can always meet demand. When the demand is high, what follows is 24/7 mass production, but this will put your human operators on overdrive. Human workers will succumb to fatigue and illnesses, crippling the entire production process. Industrial automation systems can easily overcome said human limitations.

Industrial automation systems can be categorized into various types, depending on the integration level and the control you want to have over the manufacturing process. Fixed automation is the most traditional automation system type among all as the operation sequencing is predetermined by the equipment’s configuration. Meanwhile, programmable and flexible automations are more optimal for a medium to high volume production environment as they require input from human operators. If the business goes beyond regular production and requires more complex functions, integrated automation approach is more appropriate.

With robotic process automation, 24/7 operation can be achieved easily – significantly ramping up productivity. When structured with the appropriate auxiliary components and configuration, one can expect flawless consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Expect even greater results with Invenpro’s proprietary technology that significantly boosts the overall cycle time. Furthermore, Invenpro’s robotic process automation solutions are Industry 4.0-ready by default and can be easily integrated factory-wide with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

Industrial Automation Done Differently

We don’t wait and emulate new technology – we create them. Invenpro Malaysia is home to the powerhouse intellectuals of the engineering industry. They are passionate innovators that deconstruct and reconstruct everything in order to better them.

With immense knowledge and experience under our belts, we create world class robotics technologies that are driving success in most manufacturing plants in the global market. These include cleanroom robots, glazing cells and collaborative robots. Our robotics technologies come with unmatched accuracy and are certified by renowned third party auditors like TUV, Intertek and IPA Fraunhofer.

Industrial automation is known to eliminate various costs associated with human workers while tremendously increasing productivity. Our innovative engineering professionals have pioneered industrial automation solutions that do more than just that – all through innovative customizations. It is what we are known for, we will identify your business needs based on these four quadrants before customizing.

More than just customizing, Invenpro also designs and create robotic systems from scratch, all to achieve your unique business needs. Reach out to us, communicate your ideas and we will create the machine you’ve envisioned. Our commitment doesn’t stop there; our devoted team also provides technical assistance, adequate training, components for preventative maintenance and various support solutions. Think top-tier industrial automation technology, think Invenpro Malaysia.

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